Cos Colours is saving the world, one brush stroke at a time. We provide an innovative circular economy solution to the €2m cosmetic waste problem in Europe by working with cosmetic retailers and involving the general public in our zero waste journey to provide an alternative route to colour cosmetics that can no longer be used or sold. Whether it's because they've been damaged, discontinued or expired, we can upcycle your waste makeup and give it a new life as a shimmery watercolour paint ready to be shipped to artists, of all abilities, all over the world. These unique, handmade, eco-friendly watercolour paints are an ethical addition to artists' palettes by making use of fine cosmetic grade pigments and mica already out there in the supply chain. Using a special formula to transform each batch of makeup into paint, we've perfected a fantastic painting experience for each smooth stroke to say goodbye to chalky, commercial pigments. Each paint is mulled and poured in layers in plastic-free "half pans" (little containers), ensuring your paints are packed with pigment to bring your art to life.