As a serving member of the Royal Navy Mine Clearance branch, I know what it means to have good coffee – it makes the best days brilliant and the bad days bearable. It’s why I decided to set up Bubblehead Barista. Bubblehead, because that’s what they call us divers in the Navy, and barista because we’re all about sourcing the best coffee and delivering it direct to you. We can also hook you up with everything you need to make your coffee, from an AeroPress to an on-the-go portable setup. Or maybe it’s just a bit of free advice you’d like, in which case just pick up the phone or ping us an email, there’s nothing we like to do more than chat coffee. So whether you’re on board your ship, far out on the oil rigs or feet up shoreside, Bubblehead Barista has everything you need. And for each carton of coffee sold a donation will be made to the Royal Navy Clearance Divers Association (RNCDA). Stay safe, stay healthy and stay in good coffee.